Philippines Named ‘Most Stupid Country to Elect a 20-Year OJT as a Senator’ by Time Magazine

Flag of PhilippinesMANILA, Philippines — The Philippines has been named as Time’s “Most STUPID Country to Elect a 20-Year OJT as a Senator”.

“The overwhelming victory of a self-professed on-the-job trainee-cum-Senator in the recently held election in the Philippines cemented the country’s fate,” wrote Time’s news director Marilou C. Martin.

She added, “Falling for the diversionary tactics of an inexperienced candidate that saw her steer the issue away from her credibility to her skin complexion to make herself look like the underdog; gave us no choice but to bestow such title to a country, who was destined for greatness before the elections.”

“And yes, we intentionally all-capped the word stupid for added emphasis,” according to Martin.

Time gave special attention to the country’s 11,789,643 registered voters (as of press time) who voted for Nancy Binay, as contributing to the country’s “overall stupidity rating index”.

“These are probably the same 11,289,648 people who had no access to the internet to witness the criticism their bet received for her lack political background or experience.”

The magazine didn’t wait for Comelec’s final and official number of votes Binay received before coming out with the latest issue saying that, “The amount of gullibility and the unprecedented level of idiocy forced us to go to press immediately.”

The article also noted that the country’s saving grace, namely its recent credit rating upgrade, Manny Pacquiao, Jessica Sanchez or Jada Pinkett-Smith asking for a copy of Jericho Rosales’ film did not help one bit.

“Those are only minor achievements as compared to the repercussions the sheer amount of stupidity the recent actions of the Filipino people entails.”

“It’s these kind of situations that not even Lou Diamond Philips winning the Oscars  or the Philippines winning the next Miss Universe can help with your country’s image,” said Martin.

All is not lost however, according to political analyst Mak Jendoza.

Ladies and gentlemen, your future Mayor, Vice Mayor, President, First Lady, Pope and Vice President.

Andyan na yan eh, ano pa magagawa natin (She’s already there, what else can we do)?” said Jendoza. “Siguraduhin nalang natin na hindi na mauulit ito pagdating ng 2016 (We just have to make sure that we shall not repeat this same mistake come 2016).”

Abe eh kung maging presidente ang tatay nyan at madagdagan pa ng isang kapatid sa Senado sa 2016, baka pati ang United Nations hirangin na din tayong mga inutil (If ever her dad became president and another one of her sibling became a senator in 2016, even the United Nations shall name us stupid),” warned Jendoza.

“I can’t say that I’m proud of this recent ‘achievement’ of our country,” said Johnny Manuel Ebola after learning about the magazine cover. “But at least I’m proud to say that I’m not one of those 11,789,643 nincompoops!”


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279 thoughts on “Philippines Named ‘Most Stupid Country to Elect a 20-Year OJT as a Senator’ by Time Magazine”

  1. The title of the piece implies that The Philippines had beaten other countries who also elected a 20-Year OJT to be a Senator to win this honor. Where’s the list?

  2. And what do you call a country which voted their current president 2x? Look at the US now…they’re at a downslide, having become a weak country from being the most powerful one. Time, wake up!

  3. Im not one of the stupid i stop voting since Erap became a president those indiots in the capital keep voting for him until now and even Pacquiao will be in the senate soon because of this stupidity & indiots voters

  4. i think we have to look into the root cause of this illness…instead of judging immediately…Filipinos are not stupid…they just don’t have any choice…majority of those who vote are in the third and fourth classes of the society….if you who called them stupid could provide what they get from these politicians, I think the trend would change…and if you who are calling Filipinos stupid would run during the election, I think you will see the reasons why…so don’t just judge..act so that a change will happen…

  5. We Filipinos tend easily to respond to something that will touch our egos. We are too judgemental. We dont even verify first if the concerned blog is not a hoax. Though if that news was really issued by Times mag, then no wonder to agree in most all of the comments here. Majority of our voters are really stupid as brains are not being used during election. Only candidates who are famous n can buy votes has the edge to win in elections. But it shud not weaken good minded Filipinos, but merely strive to exercise his right to vote n help educating our small minded kababayans to be responsible voters.

  6. What is the barometer for a good senator? I suspect the about actors how about Poe? How about Cory Aquino a plain housewife with no experience at all became the president. How about the track record of pnoy as a senator? I am not for binay but this Times magazine issue was a’s more stupid to associate known families as the only qualified to run and get elected. No one has the right to say that those 11million people are stupid

  7. It’s a reality that many millions of Filipinos do not think much and vote wisely but it is not impossible to improve. Blaming, complaining is not helping the situation but we can always try to influence the masses to look at things differently and vote wisely. The previous revolutions that forces the setting presidents to resign were proofs that the Filipinos can even without money to pay the masses, so I believe we can also make the masses vote wisely without money.

  8. This is false journalism. What a joke. I don’t know what you expect to gain in fooling people who blindly believe what you have written here. You are contributing to the problem of sensationalism in the media.

  9. The Philippines electoral process is not driven by political ideology but by emotions. I bet the 11 million voters that put her to the senate received “grace” from the Binays one way or another. I don’t care if she is 20 yesrs old, as long as she has an added value to the senate. What has been her contribution so far? If she simply reports for work, then those who elected her are indeed stupid! By the way, they represent just a bit more than 10 % of the populace. The Time writer is worst by stereo typing. Moron!

  10. This article does have a point but a point rather exaggerated. Calling a whole nation “stupid” is a rookie mistake and dangerous assuming Time has a reputation to keep. Your title seems to conclude that every Filipino voter voted for Nancy Binay, if you do excercise the right to say a nation is stupid because of voters’ lack of judgment, then I guess there wouldn’t be a problem with an article talking about Americans’ stupidity due to voting Bush and AGAIN even after they saw the result.

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