Dark Wallet May Make Bitcoin Even Harder to Trace

Bitcoins FTW!


By Jill Scharr

Credit: Defense Distributed/YouTube

Credit: Defense Distributed/YouTube

The digital cryptocurrency Bitcoin already has a lot of built-in security and privacy features. But thanks to a Bitcoin storage app called Dark Wallet scheduled to be released tomorrow (May 1), Bitcoin may become even more difficult to trace. Dark Wallet’s creators have said they created the software to help criminals disguise their activities online.

Dark Wallet is developed by a group called unSystem whose members include Cody Wilson, creator of the world’s first 3D-printed gun, the Liberator. Both projects share similar political goals: to thwart any and all government regulations.

Bitcoin is not inherently illegal or malicious, though it’s often the currency of choice for criminals because it operates independently of any government and is difficult to trace. But Dark Wallet’s creators say their app was created with criminals in mind.

“It’s just money-laundering software,” Wilson said at a debate at the New York Museum of Modern Art.


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